is the latest development in protective wax. Thanks to the integration of newly developed high-quality polymers with a ceramic effect the wax provides exceptional shine and long-lasting protection with minimal drying time.

ceramic effect

Provides a highly effective hydrophobic surface thanks to the exceptional water repellent formula

Drying effect

Optimal surface drying time ensures no traces of water remain on the bodywork

protection film

A protective film on the surface that provides long-lasting protection against environmental contaminants

Polish wax

Can be used as a quick-drying wax, high-gloss wax or polish


Provides an exceptional high gloss to any paint or bodywork thanks to the new polymer technology.

hydrophobic layer

Forms an extraordinary hydrophobic layer which accentuates the water removal, not leaving any trace on treated surfaces.
Can be used with soft to medium hard tap water

Guarantees soft touch bodywork

Provides a driving comfort in rainy weather

Resists alkaline washes

Available in 10L / 25L

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