FLOWEY® EXPERIENCE® is adapted for all type of carwash center meeting the highest expectations of the car cleaning market. Our products are developed for Soft and Hard water, with high concentrated products, an outstanding quality for drying, for shining, for protection of your car thanks to our new Technology COATINIUM®.
The highest quality for car care products, High pressure, Rollover & Tunnels. Over 20 years of research and development as a European leader in the detailing and car care industry. For professionals industry of car cleaning, the Carwash range offers superior car wash shampoos, wax, polish, car center maintenance.
Developed specifically for you by chemists in our laboratory, the range TRUCK CLEANING guarantees quality products and a personalized, flawless service at exceptional prices.
Our experience on the field of professional car cleaning and maintenance had led to the introduction of our products to the retail market. The same research into product effectiveness and durability, the same customer care, are at the foundation of the development of this range : ACS PRO