• Filipp Florio
    Filipp Florio CEO
  • Simon Weynachter
    Simon Weynachter CEO
  • Olivier Colling
    Olivier Colling Head commercial manager
  • Silvia José
    Silvia José Head office assistant
  • Franco Florio
    Franco Florio Export manager
  • Ricardo Florio
    Ricardo Florio Manager
  • Gianna Florio
    Gianna Florio Head of Marketing & PR
  • Gerald Dezothez
    Gerald Dezothez Key Account Manager FRANCE
  • Laurent Maameri
    Laurent Maameri Head development commercial FRANCE
    LUCA TACCINI Head development commercial ITALIA
  • Giovanni Di Giacomo
    Giovanni Di Giacomo Sales manager ITALIA
  • Ralf Noss
    Ralf Noss Head commercial manager GERMANY
  • Pablo Juarez
    Pablo Juarez Head development commercial SPAIN
  • Valdas Malinauskas
    Valdas Malinauskas Sales manager North EUROPE
  • Dan Chiru
    Dan Chiru Sales manager East EUROPE
  • Christopher Colling
    Christopher Colling Technical Support
  • Christian Gajewski
    Christian Gajewski Health, Safety & Environment department
  • Vincent Podorieszack
    Vincent Podorieszack Chemical Engineer
  • Marie-Pierre Treboux
    Marie-Pierre Treboux Chemical Engineer
  • Iulian Soptelea
    Iulian Soptelea Purchase department


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